London’s high street pharmacies now offer ‘grab and a jab” services
Londoners can now go to over 100 pharmacies on the high streets to get their Covid-19 vaccine. This makes it much easier to get a jab right in your own neighborhood.

London’s new walk in pharmacy services are part a nationwide drive to increase access to Covid-19 vaccines. It is easier to get a vaccine if you can walk in to a local pharmacist at a convenient time for Londoners.

Walk-in services do not require ID or GP registration or proof of address. This makes it a great option for people who are unable to book online or don’t have a fixed location.

The pharmacists and their team are certified vaccinators and trained in first aid. They can help and advise patients through the painless Covid-19 jab process.

Dr Vin Diwakar is the Medical Director of the NHS London.

“High-street pharmacies are the main entrance to the NHS. It is therefore great news that thousands can now get a jab at their local shop – making it just as easy to collect over the counter medicine as it is to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Getting both doses Covid-19 vaccine are the best and most effective ways to protect yourself from the virus. If you’re over 18, have not had your first jab, or it has been 8 weeks, book or walk in to your local vaccination center today to get London back to normal.

Hiran Patel is the Parkview Pharmacy’s lead pharmacist in EnfieldSince January, he has provided more than 25,000 vaccinations to residents. Parkview provides walk-in appointments for both the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines and Pfizer vaccines. He stated:

“I am very happy to be able offer walk-in vaccinations to my community. We have vaccinated more than 700 people in our community who came in without the need for an appointment.

“Walk-in appointments have led to a 30% increase of vaccinations. Many patients came in after being told about it by a friend. We are proud to be able reassure those who may be anxious about the vaccine.

Many pharmacies offer AstraZeneca in the first and second doses. This is for people over 40. Some also offer Pfizer for women under 40 and pregnant.