We are working with designers and engineers to develop lighting schemes for the carriageways and pavements that run along High Street 2012. The aim of the lighting street action is to:

  • reaffirm a day and night time identity for the high street
  • make it a more pleasant and safer place
  • creating special lighting for key spaces and destinations such as parks, markets and historic buildings.

Not only will this activity light up the route, but it will also bring the high street and its ‘jewels’ to life. The improved lighting will provide unity as well as underpin and emphasise the area-based initiatives, taking the existing urban context into account.

Lighting systems will be designed to take advantage of energy reduction systems as far as possible.

Coming Up: 

Lighting to pavements and carriageways will be augmented with feature lighting to side streets and alleyways, and accent lighting of selected details. This approach will give a depth of field to unite both sides of the street and spatially connect the street to the hinterland and give a greater sense of security to pedestrians.

At Mile End Waste, the use of column mounted feature lighting and a series of inground uplights will provide additional pedestrian biased lighting along the Waste and illuminate elements such as the tree canopies, monuments and statues and other feature elements within the landscape.

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