Green Thread


To enhance the environment for locals and visitors this street action will create a ‘green thread’ running along the high street by intensifying existing green space and creating new pockets of greenery. This builds on the existing characteristic of clumps, clusters and commons-edge ‘Wastes’ of trees along the way rather than seeking to impose a formal boulevard.

This suggests a green narrative that threads the street from side to side, from space to space and from character area to character area using a variety of trees that are both native and robust.

Wherever possible, the area based initiatives will contribute to the extension of green space, from the creation of Braham Street Park to the tree planting on Mile End Park bridge to the enhancement of green space within residential areas. This is also about quality and not just about the overall area provided, and through careful planting we are looking to increase biodiversity, mitigate the heat island effect associated with urban areas through shading, and augment the landscape heritage assets along the route.

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