High Street 2012 project partner Transport for London (TfL) has recently undertaken work to remove unnecessary street furniture along the A11 corridor in order to improve the built environment. Clutter accumulates over a number of years as more and more signs, bollards, posts, guard rail and advertising are put up. Eventually this creates an obstruction to people using the footway, particularly people with mobility issues.

Removing clutter creates a more attractive street which is pleasant to walk along, easier to get around and where people want to spend time. Attractive streets are important as they encourage people to walk more, which has health benefits and improves the prosperity of London’s high streets.

TfL identified that the A11 had numerous types of street furniture many of which no longer served any useful purpose. A review was undertaken by urban design experts who put together a package of works which would go some way towards decluttering the footway.

What's Been Done: 

Works were carried out in 2010 which resulted in the removal of almost 400 items of street furniture summarised below:

  • Bollards- 315 removed and 25 relocated.
  • Sign posts- 59 removed and 1 relocated.
  • Signs– 10 removed and 49 relocated.
  • Litter bins– 2 removed and 7 relocated.
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